“Mingės vila“ is a rural tourism homestead offering both peaceful stay and active recreation. From Minija village, you may reach Nida easily by a shuttle boat or visit Ventė Cape and Kintai located nearby for tasting or buying freshly caught fish from the Curonian Lagoon. The homestead is situated just in several meters from the river Minija, therefore amateur and professional fishermen will really enjoy their catch. You may also try a cutter and water skis to get impressions for many years! Chilled from sea winds are welcome to warm in the bathhouse and fall with a splash into cool waves of Minija. To all this, add sun, fresh air, silence and serenity. In a word, just visit our place as it is better once to see than many times to hear!


•     10 – 12 beds

•     WC, shower

•     Bathhouse

•     Washing machine

•     TV set

•     Fireplace

•     Barbecue place and skewers

•     Kettle

•     Fridge

•     Private bridge

•     Enclosed area

•     Parking-lot



Mingės Vila

Tel.   869825166