Do you remember the last time you waded through the meadow spread with dewy beads..?

Or greeted the rising sun whistling together with the early larks..?

And what about the taste of fresh cow milk..?


   Maybe it’s just the right time to leave stress and rush, endless works and worries in the city and come to our place, the rural tourism homestead “Mingės vila“ situated in Mingė village.


   Here, you will find silence, serenity and light wind with the breeze of sea.

Enjoy recreation in the location where people lived in unison with nature down the ages.

Become a part of this unique environment, take a rest, relax and recover the flow of spirits.


   “Mingės vila“ is the spot, where anger and dissatisfaction are dissipated by the wind coming from the sea that is within reach of hand, where sun and peace restore your powers and the joy of everyday life.


   You are always welcome!


   Situated in the lower reaches of the river Minija, Mingė (or Minija) village of fishermen is called the Minor Lithuanian Venice due to its nice and unique landscape. This sounding name could be explained by the fact that in Mingė village the river Minija serves as the main street, houses are situated on both banks of the river and there is no bridge to connect them. The only way to get around is to use a boat or water bicycles. Being individual and unique, Mingė is considered one of the most beautiful and most famous villages of Lithuania. In the scattered street-type fishermen’s village, homesteads were situated on both banks of the river Minija, at crosswise strips, and buildings were constructed on the riverbank at quays. In the end of the 19th c. – beginning of the 20th c., stone and wooden buildings typical of Lithuania Minor were mostly constructed, but no authentic buildings are extant. Most dwelling houses were of two ends, with the main facade overlooking the river Minija, whereas barns usually had the heightened top part of the attic (ertikis). Recently, water and rural tourism have been developing in Mingė village rapidly. This village is a perfect spot for persons longing for nature, i.e. fishing and windsurfing fans, boating and water-skiing lovers, just tourists or holidaymakers wishing to stay in a peerless lap of nature. Anyway, the words are incapable of describing this beauty, you must come and see it yourself!




Mingės Vila

Tel.   869825166